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Welcome to the PawPrints Photography Blog!

Hi!  Thanks for visiting the blog for the award-winning PawPrints Photography.  We specialize in on-location, custom pet photography.  We work with you to create artistic and unique portraits of the special dog, cat or horse in your life.  If you would like to find out more information, please visit our website at or give us a call at 703-354-3736.  Hope you come back often!

Monthly Archives: April 2009

All about Abby

I went to take pictures of Abby, the amazing bearded collie.  I’ve photographed she and her brother, Baxter, before.  This time, we wanted to focus on Abby because her personality shines when she can explore on her own.  The goal was to capture how she prances around and enjoys the Spring.  We also hoped to capture one of her rituals which is rolling on the couch like a crazy dog.  She didn’t disappoint!

Bearded collie trottingBearded collie runningBearded collie running moreBearded collie rolling on the couch

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Juno, third time’s a charm

Meet Juno. He was adopted from the Animal Welfare League of Arlington after being given up for adoption two previous times. This time, he’s found his forever home. We took Juno out to a field of Virginia bluebells which bloom for about two weeks in the middle of April.Juno Running in the BluebellsJuno - two facesJuno soaking in the bluebellsJuno closeup in bluebellsJuno looking back at sunset



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Rupert, an adorable Cavalier King Charles puppy

Rupert’s new parents searched far and wide for the perfect puppy.  Finally, they found him and here he is.  Meet Rupert!

cavalier King Charles Spaniel sitting in grasspuppy playing in grasspuppy playing in grasspuppy smiling facepuppy with tulips

To give a little perspective, this is a piece of furniture that holds CDs.  Rupert won’t be fitting in this drawer for long!puppy in cd drawer

This was a still second – followed by an incredibly fast running puppy racing around the yard just for fun.  Below this image is a quick video of Rupert in action.Rupert by the woodpile

Rupert on the run from Robin Burkett on Vimeo.


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Boudreaux and Louis – a dog and cat household

I grew up with the mistaken notion that dogs and cats didn’t get along.  That’s why I’m always amazed and pleasantly surprised when I see dogs and cats living together happily.  Louis, the cat, and Boudreaux, the dog, respect and enjoy each and cat
Louis Armstrong Henry is 13 years old and is the best friend a person can have.  He stuck with his owner through thick and thin, including five years of graduate school living in an unsavory neighborhood.  Like the famous trumpeter after whom he is named, Louis makes beautiful music with his loud purrs and meows in the middle of the night.  black and white cat looking out window

Per his owner “I have had him since 4 weeks old and he was acquired from a pet store that was later closed for selling kittens too young.   Louis has been an absolute dream. His favorite pastimes include jumping into and onto various furniture items when his people aren’t looking, licking the shower curtain during his people’s showers, and begging for dried chicken at the refrigerator…incessantly.  He also enjoys swatting at bugs, chasing light beams, and staring out of our front door at passersby.  Louis is the most handsome cat we know.”  Here he is preparing to eat a piece of his favorite – dried chicken.

cat eating out of hand

And, this is the adorable Boudreaux.  Boudreaux Rebbennack Henry will be one year old on April 13, 2009.  Boudreaux originally started his life in the DC area as a rescued shelter puppy fostered by A Forever Home (  Per his owner, “when we saw him, it was love at first sight.  He was so sweet to the other dogs and to the kids at the adoption event where we met him.  It was obvious that his foster family took very good care of him and taught him a lot before handing him over to us.  We named him Boudreaux after my family’s Louisiana roots and Rebbennack is the last name of one of our favorite musicians, Dr. John.  Boudreaux enjoys playing with his ball in the backyard, chasing after other dogs at the dog park, hanging out with his friends at Fur-Get-Me Not, taking naps, and playing with his people.  He has the sweetest, kindest face and it is a perfect match to his personality.”

4 images of boudreaux

dog runningdog playingdog curled updog in his bed

dog and cat

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