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Hi!  Thanks for visiting the blog for the award-winning PawPrints Photography.  We specialize in on-location, custom pet photography.  We work with you to create artistic and unique portraits of the special dog, cat or horse in your life.  If you would like to find out more information, please visit our website at or give us a call at 703-354-3736.  Hope you come back often!

Monthly Archives: May 2010

A True Partnership

I was honored to photograph Master Sergeant Mark Gwathmey and his dog, Larry.  Larry was trained by an organization called  America’s VetDogs and is a service dog to Mark. 


When Mark returned from Iraq after his third tour, he had seizures several times a day.  Enter Larry, who was trained to help Mark and his wife CeCe know ahead of time when a seizure was going to happen.  Larry changed their lives more than they could have expected. 

While I was at their home, I saw first hand the special gift Larry has.  Mark had laid down on the couch to take a break with Larry by his side.  Then, Larry started barking.  I didn’t know why, but Mark’s wife told me it was to warn of the impending seizure. 


The first thing Mark experiences as he comes out of the seizure is Larry, right there to protect him.  Even before he is fully conscious, Mark reaches for Larry.


As Mark regains consciousness, Larry exuberantly greets Mark like he’d just come back from a long trip.


Then, as Mark starts to rest again, Larry won’t take his eyes off of him.


It was an overwhelming experience to see this partnership in action.  Truly amazing. 

You can read more about America’s Vet Dogs in the current issue of NovaDog Magazine.

On this Memorial Day, we remember  with great respect the heroes who fight for our country and the people and dogs who support them.

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Freedom Is Not Free

Remembering the men and women who serve our country and their families who support them.

Marine 2nd Lt. Josh Booth, the owner of Roxy, the German Shepherd shown below, left behind not only his dog, but a wife and two children.

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Just Fur Fun Friday – Happy Dogs!

I wanted to save these clips for today because they made me smile in person, and they make me smile when I watch them. Dogs just make us happy and I know we hope it’s mutual.

You can find out more about Mya and Lincoln at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington.

Meet Mya and Lincoln:

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Dogs Looking for Love at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington

When we can, we (me and my incredible assistant, Ann) go to the Animal Welfare League of Arlington to photograph some of the animals that are up for adoption. This week, I decided to try out some video to help capture more than just a still image.  These are short little snippets of a few of the dogs (and they have fun music).




To see all of the animals up for adoption, go to  Oh, and when you go to their website, under dogs, if you look at Buddy or Squirt there is a video they created that is hilarious!

Do you think seeing a video helps get more of a sense about the dogs or is a photo enough? If you were looking online for a dog to adopt, would you want to see video in addition to a picture?

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