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Northern Virginia Pet Photography Blog – Dogs, Cats, Horses bio picture

Welcome to the PawPrints Photography Blog!

Hi!  Thanks for visiting the blog for the award-winning PawPrints Photography.  We specialize in on-location, custom pet photography.  We work with you to create artistic and unique portraits of the special dog, cat or horse in your life.  If you would like to find out more information, please visit our website at or give us a call at 703-354-3736.  Hope you come back often!

More Animals

On this page, I’ll include images of pets that aren’t the usual suspects.  Included so far are:  Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, a Chinchilla, Fancy rats, Fancy pigeons, fish, parrots, llamas and an alpaca.

I took pictures of the following rabbits, Guinea pigs and a Chinchilla for the Animal Welfare League of Arlington.  They may still be up for adoption so if you’re in the market for a special pet, please go check them out.

White Rabbit

Like other animals, rabbits do get bonded together.  The following two images feature a pair of bonded rabbits.2 bonded rabbits2 bonded rabbits

This is a lop eared rabbit – the ears are meant to be down.Lop earred rabbitblack and white rabbit

This is another pair of bonded rabbits.2 speckled bonded rabbits

And the following two images are guinea pigs.guinea pig guinea pig

This, my friends, is a Chinchilla.  I wish you could reach in and feel how soft this little guy is.Chinchilla


Rats are highly social, very intelligent animals that can be trained to come when called, use a litter box, respond to their name, and respond to other commands. All of these rats are rescues and have joined two other “senior” rescues living in the same household.  Upon joining the household, everyone was spayed or neutered.  The rats are very bonded to each other and to their human.Rats on DREAM sign

This is Lilac, a young Dumbo rat.  The term “Dumbo” refers to the placement of the ears on the side (like an elephant), rather than the top of the head.   

rat in floral cup

baby rat

This is Lilac and one of her brothers, Buffy, a Himalayan.  Notice the fingernails.  Rats also have small opposing thumbs on their hands that allow them to hold and manipulate food and other items.

rats whispering

This is Oreo, the mother rat.  She is a black hooded.  Notice her blue eye.  She was rescued from Small Angels Rescue in Frederick, MD.

rat in flowers

This is Oreo looking into the mirror.

rat looking in a mirror

This is Lilac with her two brothers, Ziggy and Buffy.  Rats cuddle with each other, groom one another, protect one another, and comfort each other when one is ill or stressed.

3 rats in box

I have a Godzilla in my office and I just had to bring him out for this shoot.  Snookers, Oreo’s mate, is cautiously checking out Godzilla.

rat with godzilla

Pigeons also come in several varieties.  The next three images are pages from a coffee table book for a customer.  In addition to photographing their dog and cat, we photographed their pigeons and fish, too.  These pigeons are called Berliner Shortface.  As you may have guessed, this particular breed is of German origin.  It is a small bird whose beak is noticeably small and it’s feet are covered in feathers.  One way to tell a Berliner is that their wing feathers are carried below their tail. PidgeonAnother Pidgeon

These beautiful fish were also part of the family portrait session. 


I have photographed several parrots, many of them rescues.  For information about adopting a Parrot, check out Phoenix Landing or Foster Parrots.

Adopt a Parrot


gray parrot squawking

red parrott

Parrot Claw

red parrot

white parrot

The llamas below were in the backyard at a portrait session – I had to take a few images because they were so interesting.

Another Llama

 Another Llama

The image below was taken for an alpaca farm.

Alpaca - white